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Around the beginning of July I told you about a weekend get away to Ludington, MI. Unfortunately during that trip I wasn't able to go shoot Big Sable Point Lighthouse because of poor planning on my part. Well a couple weekends ago I made last minute plans to head back up for the weekend and this time I made it!

Big Sable Point Lighthouse, Taken with Olympus E-M1 and M. Zuiko 12-40mm 2.8

My wife and I decide to head up after work on Friday afternoon and got to Ludington around 8pm. We drove over to Ludington State Park to see if we could make the 2 mile walk before sunset. After we walked about 3/4 of a mile we decided it would be best to stop and shoot where we were along the beach seeing how low the sun was getting. Fortunately we found a great place to stop and the sky was amazing that night.

The Path, Taken with Olympus E-M1 and M. Zuiko 8mm 1.8 Fisheye

Dead Wood, Taken with Olympus E-M1 and M. Zuiko 8mm 1.8 Fisheye

Saturday morning we decided to take a little drive over to Manistee to check out a few locations. First we visited Orchard Beach State Park. It was a nice place but not a whole lot going on there to shoot so we only stayed for about a half an hour. The shot below was one of my favorites from Orchard Beach.

Pebbles, Taken with Olympus TG-4

Next up was North Pierhead Lighthouse in Manistee. We got a few shots of the Lighthouse and then decided to take a nice long walk down the beach. We spent a few hours there and then drove back to Ludington.

North Pierhead Lighthouse, Taken with Olympus E-M1 and M. Zuiko 12-40mm 2.8

Saturday evening we drove over to Ludington State Park to finally make the walk out to Big Sable for sunset. We also found out that my friend and fellow photographer Jamie Macdonald had made the drive up to shoot there as well. Give him a follow on IG and you will be glad that you did! After the long 2 mile trek back we finally made it to Big Sable and met up with Jamie who had already arrived. It was good to see and shoot with him as it has been sometime since the last time we shot together. We had a beautiful sunset once again and there was much more to shoot there than Big Sable!

Guard Tower, Taken with Olympus TG-4

Big Sable, Taken with Olympus E-M1 M. Zuiko 8mm 1.8 Fisheye

We shot until the last glimmer of sun had fallen below the horizon. It was a great a night shooting and then we had to make the long walk back through the dark. We had a great weekend getaway once again and I was happy to finally make it out to Big Sable!

Thanks for reading and sharing!

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